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Episode 2 – Riding the “A” Train of Cognitive Dissonance

July 7, 2020 (Recorded on June 29, 2020 — Denver, Colorado)

Cognitive dissonance is your friend. With a highly uncertain (if not bleak) macroeconomic outlook, and broadly elevated valuations, it’s tempting for even the seasoned investor to ditch the complex questions involved in crafting a long-term investment strategy for the much simpler question that appears easy to answer: “Will stocks likely go up or down?” In this episode, we argue for staying on the train of complexity rather than getting off at a stop that appears to offer comforting certainty.

Please note: we are not forecasting the direction or performance of equities or any other asset class. None of the views in this podcast should be interpreted as a “market call”, nor should they be used as the sole basis for making portfolio allocation or investment decisions.

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